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uplift514 :
movement through dancing

Since January 2015, Uplift’s goal has been to elevate and stimulate morally and physically through Afro-Urban rhythms. It is through the various influences of our dancers and different ethnic origins that we create a different energy where African dance meets popular street dances together to create a unique AFRO-URBAN choreography. Uplift’s strength comes from its dancers/choreographers who are passionate about what they do. Mostly self-taught dancers who each share their own experiences on stage, ranging from clips to performances for international and local artists.

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dance first,
think later!

Our mission at Les Studios Uplift514 goes beyond teaching Afro dance. We are here to address the specific needs of our artistic community with passion and expertise, while making a positive impact on society. Our dance classes are not just about teaching movements; they are designed to fulfill the fundamental need for artistic expression and human connection. Whether you're a beginner exploring your creativity or an experienced dancer aspiring to perfect your art, our talented and passionate instructors will guide you with kindness, creating an environment where everyone can thrive in this captivating art.


Beyond teaching, we offer rental spaces tailored to your needs, whether for rehearsals, auditions, or special events. Our studios are incubators of creativity, ensuring an optimal experience for all artists. We stand out through our commitment to the diversity of Afro styles. By consistently hiring new instructors, we expand our offerings, providing our community with a variety of choices to explore and master various forms of Afro dance.


We also serve as a partner for event organizers, offering subcontracting services with our extensive network of professional artists. We solve the problem of finding talented performers, adding a unique and striking touch to every occasion. At our core, the art of dance is central to everything we do. We strive to create a positive impact by providing exceptional opportunities to our artistic community. By facilitating access to quality services, we encourage creativity and strengthen bonds within our community and beyond.

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we are here to make you mooove




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A well-established dancer, choreographer, youth worker, and community leader, Melo is the founder of Uplift514 Afro dance school, established in 2015. A pillar in the Montreal Urban Afro scene, his mission is to broadcast and share the essence of Afro dance, music, and cultures. With almost a decade of touring and teaching experience in Canada, Melo has become a prominent figure.


In recent years, he has showcased his talents by performing and choreographing for major international and national artists, including Sean Paul, Sarahmée, Burna Boy, Corneille, Wiz Kid, and many others.


Throughout the year, Melo actively participates in Montreal's largest festivals as both a dancer and crowd warmer. You can catch his electrifying performances at events like the Festival de Jazz de Montréal, Juste Pour Rire, Francofolies, MURAL, Nuit d'Afrique, Osheaga, Festival International de la danse de Montréal, Festival Mode & Design, Montréal en Lumière, Nuit Blanche, and more.


Melo's achievements have gained recognition on various media platforms, including features on BBC Africa, BBC Business, TV5 Business, CityNews, and CBC




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Jackie sees Uplift514 as a canvas where her commitment to project management, entrepreneurship, art, and holistic well-being harmoniously intertwine. Having lived on three continents and in four countries, her love for travels serves as a catalyst for her profound curiosity and global perspective. This multicultural background inspires her leadership, fostering an inclusive environment at Uplift 514 that celebrates the vibrant cultures within the organization's family.

Beyond cultural appreciation, she finds joy in connecting with people through meaningful exchanges, creating a sense of community within the artistic space at Uplift514.  In addition to her professional endeavors, Jackie is on a journey toward becoming a certified yoga teacher. Rooted in yogic principles, she emphasizes the transformative power of meditation and Ayurveda, embracing holistic well-being as a fundamental aspect of their personal and professional life.




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Upon arriving in Montreal in 2012, Rama's dance journey underwent a transformation, shifting from modern Jazz and hip hop to the dynamic realms of Dancehall and Afro styles. A rich array of experiences, including training sessions, diverse performances, competitions, and numerous opportunities, allowed Rama to meticulously refine her talent. This dedicated process carved out a distinctive identity seamlessly blending Afro and Dancehall influences.


Since 2017, Rama has been an integral part of the Uplift 514 team, passionately sharing her dance expertise with individuals of all ages and skill levels. In the roles of both teacher and choreographer, her creative pursuits extend to choreographing various projects, contracts, and shows. Notably, she has graced the opening acts of illustrious artists such as Burna Boy, Wizkid, Dadju, Tayc, and Rema.


Returning to the Studio, Rama is poised to resume her essential role within the Uplift 514 team. As a key member, her commitment to imparting the joy of dance and cultural knowledge takes center stage in her mission within the Uplift community.

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